Welcome to the STR Hair and Scalp Care Microscope Camera Selection Process

This step-by-step process will help you determine what type of equipment you need based on the examinations and services you offer. In these steps you will:

  1. Review hair and scalp features and conditions you want to examine to determine which lens(es) you need.

  2. Select the interface connection you plan to use: (USB, Composite Video (yellow RCA jack), Wifi (wireless) or combination.

  3. Choose a specific microscope camera (click here for Camera Comarison Chart).

  4. Based on the above, choose from among our popular pre-defined Scopekits, or build a Scopekit customized to your specific need.

  5. (Optional) Add speicalized software or other accessiories you might need.

Ready to get started? Click below to go to the first step:

Step 1. Review examination needs