Choosing the Right Kit!

Choosing the right kit for skin and hair examinations is a two-step process:

  1. Choose a Kit from the five STR offers

  2. Choose the best Camera for that Kit
STR offers five different Kits:
  • One Skin Exam Kit

  • Two Hair Exam Kits

  • Two Skin & Hair Exam Kits

Skin Exam Kit

The Skin Exam Kit - At minimum, usually contains a camera, 1-10x lens, 30x polarizing lens, carrying case. This kit allows you to do all the skin exams normally done with a hand-held examination camera (look here for details).

Options: Consider adding a skin moisture checker, such as Moist Sense or Moisture Checker, or the Triple Sense for skin moisture, oil content, and elasticity measurements. A 30x sidelighting lens is also available for texture analysis.

Hair Exam Kits  

The Density & Scalp Exam Kit – Includes a camera with 50x lens, 200x lens, and a carrying case. The 50x lens is the standard for performing hair density counts and the 200x lens is the best for hair exams and hair width measurement (click here for details).
The Complete Hair Exam Kit – Includes a camera with a 1-10x lens, 50x lens, 200x lens, a 400x or 500x lens, and a carrying case. Perform hair density, hair width and scalp exams, PLUS use the 1-10 lens for views of the front, back, top and sides of the head and close-up shots of thinning areas AND use the 400x lens for close up examination of the hair shaft, cuticle, and cortex (click here for details).

Options: CompareView Hair

Skin and Hair Exam Kits

Skin & Hair Exam Kit - Includes 1x, 30x, 50x, 200x lenses, and a carryinig case. Perform all the exams for skin and density, scalp and hair width exams.
Ultimate Skin & Hair Exam Kit - Includes 1x, 30x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 400x lenses, and a carrying case. Perform any examination of the skin and hair.

Click here for details on what you can examine with the different lenses.

Click here for procedure tips to use scopes for hair and scalp exams 

Options: For complete hair and skin analysis consider specialized software – CompareView Hair or SkinSys

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