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Moisture Checker

The Scalar Moisture Checker is a unique and powerful point of purchase selling tool that instantly shows the effectiveness of moisturizing and conditioning products, and lets you evaluate the progression of the skin care regimen. Just press it onto the area to be measured during an examination, wait for the beep, then read the display. Measurements are given as % of moisture in the skin and can be evaluated with a simple chart. If skin has poor moisture content you would recommend your products and treatments to correct the condition. If moisture content is normal, the skin can look even better by using your product or treatment and even if the moisture content is high you would recommend continuing the use of moisturizing products, differentiating your product. The Scalar Moisture Checker is the leading moisture measurement device in the world. Its sleek new design compliments the recent enhancements and reliability of this device.

Skin Application

• Show client low moisture areas of the skin
• Compare areas of the skin for dry and moist conditions
• Take before and after measurements to determine improvements gained from using a moisturizer
• Encourage continued use of moisturizers to maintain smoother, healthier, younger appearing skin


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Moisture Checker -
** New Model ** moisture sensor by Scalar
MY808S $139





• Range of reading: 0-99.9
• Accuracy: +/- 0.2%
• Size: 7.5x1.5x.75 inches
• Operating temperature: 5-25 degrees C
• Weight: 0.2 lb
• Power: 2 AAA batteries (included)


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