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SkinSys is a software program for cosmetic skin counseling offering measurement, analysis and result presentation to assist counseling and recommendation of skin care products. Client results can be stored and recalled for comparison at later sessions. The system includes: SkinSys skin analysis software, the Scalar Moisture Checker, and the Sebum Stage with stickers for oil analysis, and either the USB-225 digital camera or the advanced CCL-215 high resolution camera with digital adaptor. Software result pages can be edited to complement your products and services. The program selects from your products and services to recommend solutions to any analyzed skin conditions. This counseling system allows you to identify skin conditions that need improvement, effectively communicate these conditions to your clients, and motivate the customer to correct the condition by selecting the products and services you provide. SkinSys requires a computer and monitor and the USB-225 or CCL-215 camera.

Skin Application

• Examine and evaluate the client’s skin texture, oil content, moisture content, pore size, pigmentation, and keratin
• Enter your own products and services, which are correlated to exam results and recommended to the customer
• Results are displayed immediately with an explanation and recommended solutions
• Motivates clients and increases sales of products and services
• Maintains client information and exam results for later testing and comparison of results


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Skinsys Skin Analysis Software - client management and skin analysis software (requires USB-225 or CCL-215) ST-SS $995




Skinsys Skin Analysis Kit w/Sebum Stand, Sebum Stickers, and Moisture Checker ST-SSKit $1,195




Skinsys Sebum Stand - Required for accurate reading of sebum content ST-Stand $95




Skinsys Sebum Stickers - 100 pieces - one used per examination (expendable) ST-Sebum $15




Moisture Checker - ** New Model ** moisture sensor by Scalar MY808S $129




USB-225 Examination Camera and Skinsys Software Kit - USB-225 camera set w/1x-100x zoom, Moisture Checker, Sebum Stand, Sebum Stickers and Skinsys Software USB-225SS $2,090




CCL-215 4 Image Exam Cam and Skinsys Software Kit - includes compete CCL-215 4 Image camera set, SkinsysSoftware w/sebum stand, stickers, Moisture Checker, and video to USB adpator CCL-215SS $3,508





• Software wizard guides user through 6 examinations with 8 measurement results:
o Skin moisture for T-Zone and U-Zone
o Oil content for T-Zone and U-Zone
o Skin texture
o Keratin
o Pore Size
o Pigmentation
• Graphical test results showing skin condition for each test above and degree of treatment needed
• Detailed results for each test above are displayed with analysis and default treatment recommendations and custom product and service recommendations
• Customizable welcome screen logo and graphics, customizable product and service entries, and skin type classifications
• Print any report or all at once
• Test results and client information are stored along with purchasing records
• Multiple client tests and captured images taken over time are saved and can be viewed simultaneously


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