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This portable battery powered device measures skin moisture, sebum (oiliness) and elasticity in 3 seconds. 

 The simple operation is as follows:

1) Enter the client's age.

2) Press the measure button.
3) Press the Triplesense on the skin.

In 3 seconds, the readings are complete.
The LCD screen displays numerical results for sebum, moisture and elasticity as well as overall skin condition type. (Normal, Oily, Dry, or Oily-Dry).
High, Medium and Low readings are also displayed based on the users age.
The measurement data can be transfered to a computer via the optional USB cradle. See below.

Skin and Hair Application

• Assesses current skin condition comparing it with the average data of others in that age group
• Shows the balance of oil and moisture in your skin and measures its elasticity
• Displays the balance of the three categories
• Easily identifies skin types
• Very portable

Dual Sense

In addition to moisture, the DualSense evaluates the amount of sebum on the particular area of the skin. This allows the user to check the balance of both parameters and determine the resulting skin type (oily, oily-dry, dry or normal). A relative measurement value is displayed for both measurements along with an age-based ranking. DualSense does not measure elasticity.


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Dual Sense - skin moisture and oil content




Triple Sense - skin moisture, oil content, and elasticity sensor





• Measurements:
- Moisture (electrical conductivity): 0-99
- Sebum (optical): 0-99
- Elasticity (ultrasound - TripleSense only): 0-99
• Display:
- Multi-Character Black and White LCD Display
• Power Supply:
- Battery Operated (Alkaline preferred) 2 x Type AAA (LR6)
• Power Consumption:
- 250 mWatt
• Dimensions:
- 2.48 x 2.15 x 6.19 inches (63 x 54.6 x 157.3 mm, W x H x L)
• Weight:
- 4.05 oz (115 g)
• Operating Conditions:
- Temperature: 59 - 95 degrees F (15 - 35 degrees C
- Humidity: 0 - 80%

Additional information:

TripleSense Specs (PDF)

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Skin Sensors: Analyzing the Skin Condition (PDF)

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